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Sun only Skosh refrigerator With a Chance of Rain on Sunday feeling a little cold front cold slowly directs the Tennessee Valley to the east, passing north of the area of ​​Hampton Roads and bringing clouds and a chance of thunderstorms and rain storms throughout the region on my final day in the afternoon. Rain … Read more about
Water Cooler : Fun and Pop Culture, July 21 Water Fountain: Pop culture fun, July 21. By John Przybyś Las Vegas Review-Journal. Here are some pieces of pop culture that stuck our eyes last week. □ National Security Council summer accusing specialized transportation led to confusion … Read more about rel = “nofollow” Las Vegas Review-Journal
the heat and humidity through Cool , Pleasant Week 072113temps West Michigan – a cold front crossed the area on Saturday, leaving behind a climate temperate cold and a few more. Sunday morning, fell to a yearly low of 50 some areas, making it a refreshing change last week … Read more about